When was the last time you felt frustrated? 🤯 Take a second and think about it.

As a female breadwinner I’m certain you’ve felt frustrated on many occasions.

I once heard someone say “frustration is displaced passion.”

That totally resonated today more than it has in the past.

I have a love/hate relationship with frustration. ❤️/🤬

What I’ve noticed is that I usually get frustrated before I figure out something “hard” or am adjusting to a change.

I LOVE the sense of victory and accomplishment that follows, but BA-BY when I tell you I could literally hurl a chair across the room in the midst of the feeling, that’s an understatement! 🪑

What I’ve also noticed about frustration is that once it passes, I feel less constrained and more free. 🆓

Free to relax, free to laugh, free to have fun, and free to experience compassion.

How and when does frustration show up in your life?

Let’s talk about how you can feel less frustrated, more often. Schedule your call here!

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