This is how you can use creativity to your advantage

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If you’ve ever felt like a little piece of you died inside every time you put on your cape, I’ve definitely been there at certain points in my career. As women facing challenges in the workplace and wearing different hats for all of our roles, it can definitely eat away at you when you are working under suboptimal conditions. Then, you leave work and like a chameleon morph into another version of yourself to fill all of the roles that you play. It can feel exhausting afterwhile.

The energy and mental fortitude it takes to get through your day leaves you feeling empty by the days end. You think to yourself, why am I even doing this in the first place? How did I get here? How did I go from a place of feeling empowered, aligned and trailblazing to questioning my identity?

As your coach, I will help you navigate through these uncertain times to find clarity. I’ll offer myself as an example of how I was able to go from feeling like I was slowly losing myself to feeling more rejuvenated and lively, regardless of what was happening around me. The change that took place for me was an internal one.

One that required me to get reacquainted with my self-identity, self-worth and the value I offer as a human being aside from my the opinions of others. It took intense self-work and a mindset shift in order to trail blaze and figure out roadmap to my destiny. There were certainly times where I felt stuck in the “hamster wheel” of doing it all, by my mother-loving self. It inhibited my creativity.

Some don’t know this about me, but I attended a performing arts high school. Creativity has been a part of my identity that I’ve been more in tune and aligned with at various points in my life. That creativity was something I used to refuel and adjust my focus to allow the freedom to discover and explore the possibilities beyond my situation at the time. That is what I want to offer to you.

Allow yourself the freedom to explore possibilities beyond your current circumstances. Try it and see and how it feels.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

My specialty? I provide female breadwinners a safe space to take off their capes so they can go from painfully surviving to thriving. Get started with a free Surviving to Thriving Consult Session

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!