There’s no way you were born to just….

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There’s no way you were born to just…

“There’s no way I was born to just pay bills and die.” This is the quote I wake up to that lives on my bedroom wall. It was strategically placed as a reminder for me to keep the bigger picture of what I want out of my life in view.

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind and hustle of your day-to-day living, especially as high-earning, breadwinning women. Even women who are in the midst of building their businesses. If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself doing precisely what’s stated in the quote; existing just to pay bills and die.

Please remember to be kind to yourself, take a breath and keep the big picture in mind. Even if you’ve had some losses or failures, nothing has gone wrong. They are propelling you closer to achieving your ultimate goal.

And remember, you have a whole community of breadwinning women who are rooting for you and cheering you on in the process. Keep going. Don’t give up. Stay the course if needed. Pivot if needed. You already know the answer. You just gotta trust yourself.

What were YOU born to do?

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

My specialty? I provide female breadwinners a safe space to take off their capes so they can go from painfully surviving to thriving. Get started with a free Surviving to Thriving Consult Session

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!