The truth about my experience is…

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The truth about my experience is…

I hated my pregnancy experience. The lightening crotch⚡️,back aches, reflux, and all that goes along with it. Pregnancy, literally kicked my entire tail. Like, to the point where I was googling and searching for articles and stories to see if any other women felt the same way.

Let me set this disclaimer: I love my baby👶 to pieces and she is an amazing human being (a mini me) and a blessing, for sure, but carrying her kicked my butt.

I had an extremely uncomfortable and difficult pregnancy with lots of complications that left me feeling like a failure. I felt incapable as a mom when I had a preemie. I felt inadequate when our breastfeeding journey had some bumps in the road. I felt that my uterus and my body totally failed me because I wasn’t able to carry to term. I was living the experience of painfully surviving.

Because of this, I didn’t have a baby shower, a maternity shoot, a baby moon or any of the romanticized events that are often associated with having a baby.

I carried around these painful thoughts with me for MONTHS after giving birth until one day someone asked me, “how did your body not fail you during the pregnancy?” I had an aha moment when I realized my body took a beating through the pregnancy and all of the complications.


It recovered, healed itself and functioned to the best of its ability. In this moment, I was able to let go of shame that I felt for the outcome of my pregnancy and started to feel grateful and proud of myself for making it through such a difficult time. And that blew my mind!

Not only did I make it through, but those awful thoughts about being incapable didn’t follow me wherever I went anymore. I was finally able to heal and accept the experience of my pregnancy and enjoy my precious gift. I was now able to thrive!

Now, when I think about my pregnancy and motherhood, I think to myself, “I’m a rock star and my baby is a rock star.” It makes me feel proud of myself. 👏 That’s the power of changing one thought, and it was easy! That is the power of coaching!

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!