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I’m Dr. Kim and I coach female breadwinners.  

This call will help me understand how I can help you find fulfillment in your life as trailblazing female breadwinner, learn how to be your authentic self and prioritize your needs so that you can fully own your status as a female breadwinner with joy! We will also talk about what is it like to work together.  

"Working with Dr. Kim helped me uncover why I am having a hard time sustaining my relationships and that was only the first session!! She also helped me regain my self-confidence and helped me to rediscover that my happiness is not based on my current circumstances. I highly recommend her services!"
- Tara

About Dr. Kim

I am a certified life coach and physician who coaches female breadwinners. Growing up witnessing domestic violence fueled my desire to become a breadwinner so that I could position myself to be financially independent. I underwent a huge transformation when I turned to life coaching. I have an opportunity to inspire a new generation of women with my work. The work that I do with my clients allows female breadwinners to have a safe space where they embrace their role as the breadwinner, but don't feel like they have to wear their superhero cape perpetually. In my work, I provide the support that is needed to take off the cape, be vulnerable, let go of resentment and go from painfully surviving to thriving.

More about your Surviving to Thriving Session ...

The Surviving to Thriving Session will help me understand the challenges you are facing and how I can help you take off the cape to go from painfully surviving to thriving.

We will talk about what it is like to work together in my program! 

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