One simple way to prioritize happiness

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When’s the last time you said, “I’ll be happy when…”

The second those words leave your mouth, you have put your happiness on pause until a condition has been met.

The condition could be landing the perfect position at work, starting a business, purchasing a house, finding a partner, losing weight, etc.

Speaking these powerful words causes your brain to believe the lie that you can’t be or aren’t happy now.

You won’t be happy constantly prefacing your statement with, “I’ll be happy when..”

That statement sets up happiness to be a moving target.

Once you get it (promotion, weight loss, perfect date, perfect job, etc) you experience happiness for a fleeting moment until you realize oh no, I don’t feel happy anymore.

Now your brain thinks you need to acquire something else or that next thing on your list to be happy.

The truth is, true and lasting happiness isn’t generated by acquiring stuff (titles, relationships, material things).It’s generated by embodying happiness and creating it by the thoughts you choose.

I offer you the phrase, “I am looking forward to”, instead of “I will be happy when..” because when you think I look forward to something, that thing isn’t used as a blockade to stop you from experiencing happiness before It happens.

Anticipation fuels happiness. Intentional thoughts about happiness help ensure you hit the happiness target more consistently whenever you want.

Simply think thoughts that foster happiness when you want to feel happy. It is ALWAYS available to you!

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Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!