Let’s laugh together, female breadwinners!

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Have you ever noticed how laughter instantly relieves stress and tension? Like really, how much better you feel after a good belly aching laugh?
I was watching tv last night and had a moment where I laughed so hard until tears rolled down my cheeks.😂 A girl asked a question that was on everyone else’s mind, but no one wanted to say. She did it with such boldness; without caring at all. I admired her boldness but the timing of her question was awful. It was hilarious! 🤣 Shortly thereafter, I felt lighter and happier.

This moment was a reminder of the saying “laughter is like medicine for the soul”. Today, I invite you to have fun and laugh more often. Life is short. Why not have fun on purpose? Notice how much more pleasure you experience when you’re having fun!
Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

My specialty? I provide female breadwinners a safe space to take off their capes so they can go from painfully surviving to thriving. Get started with a free Surviving to Thriving Consult Session

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!