How to do a self-check-up, honestly

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How are you? No, really, how are YOU doing? Take a moment to do a self-check-up. I’m not asking for your default response of “fine” or “ok”. I’m asking for the raw truth. The real deal. How are you doing?

Why is it that we don’t take the time to answer honestly? What is the benefit?

Are we afraid that the person asking can’t handle the true response? Are you yourself afraid of the real answer? Is there another reason?

The importance of answering the question truthfully lies in honoring yourself. Honor yourself by being 100 percent honest. Nothing productive comes from denying the experience of your true existence. Even more important, change and transformation is prohibited in such an inauthentic environment.

There have been instances when I have been dishonest with myself. I was afraid of not knowing the next steps to take if I spoke my truth. But, ’ve learned along the way that knowing the next steps wasn’t the point. The most crucial lesson was to practice honoring myself by being HONEST with me.

In doing so, I was able to build better relationships with myself and others. I couldn’t expect other people to be truthful with me, when I wasn’t being truthful with myself. The change starts from within. Self-check-ups are a good place to start.

A simple way to do a self-check-up in real time is to hear the question “how are you doing”, pause for a second, take a breath and listen within for the answer. Hint: the answer probably isn’t “ok” if you’re one thread away from falling apart at the seams. You get my drift?

Although there isn’t a right or wrong answer, there is an answer that’s reflective of your true state of being and one that isn’t. Today, I invite you to give yourself the gift of 100 percent honesty and notice the freedom that comes along with it.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

My specialty? I provide female breadwinners a safe space to take off their capes so they can go from painfully surviving to thriving. Get started with a free Surviving to Thriving Consult Session

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!