About Dr. Kim, Certified Life Coach and Physician

I am a certified life coach and physician, born and raised in Detroit, MI. I witnessed domestic violence growing up and remember hearing women say they felt stuck because they weren’t financially independent. From that point on, I made a decision to be in a position where I wasn’t financially dependent on anybody. That’s what drove me throughout my career and up until I made the right turn into coaching.

Throughout my educational and professional career, I experienced several traumatic events that left me running on fumes. I was able to unpack some of them and gain a greater understanding of how they were affecting the way I lived my life. It wasn’t until I experienced and discovered coaching that the real transformation started to happen.

As a life coach, I have an opportunity to inspire a new generation of women with my work, in that is it ok to be a female breadwinner and own the fact that they are a breadwinner.  The work that I do with my clients allows female breadwinners to have a safe space where they embrace their role as the breadwinner, but don’t feel like they have to wear their superwoman cape perpetually. 

My coaching is that safe place that allows female breadwinners to go from painfully surviving to thriving, by creating space for complete fulfillment in all areas of their lives. 

Let me help you.  

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