Are you a female breadwinner? Great, I've got you.

Let me help you.

As a female breadwinner you probably feel...

…emotionally drained
…like you’re last on your list
…like you need some support 

If so, you are painfully surviving, but you don’t have to continue living this way.


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I’m Dr. Kim and I'm a change agent for female breadwinners

I provide female breadwinners a safe space to take off their capes so they can unpack the emotional burden of trailblazing, find joy in their lives and be the best version of themselves!

"The worst part about being strong is that no one ever ask if you're okay."

I want to tell you, you can thrive as the female breadwinner!

You’ve checked off the career and financial success box, but internally you are not fulfilled. 

My mission is to help you go from painfully surviving to thriving by:

The Program

Dr. Kim helps female breadwinners Go From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in 12 weeks so that they can find true fulfillment in all areas of their lives. 

About Dr. Kim

Read about my journey, purpose, and mission to help female breadwinners take off their capes and go from painfully surviving to thriving.

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Ready to go from painfully surviving to thriving as the breadwinner?

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Ready to go from Painfully Surviving to Thriving as the female breadwinner?

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Going From Painfully Surviving to Thriving in Three Simple Steps!